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Skin Care

We encourage all of our patients to take the time each day for skin care to keep your skin rejuvenated and looking its best. Our office offers a wide variety of skin care lines to meet your individual needs.

Physician's Choice

Physician's Choice is a great line of products with an aloe base that has a multitude of products that are customized to your individual needs. 


Image product lines can be used for all skin types from acne to aging.


Obagi products are used with Retin-A to reduce hyperpigmentation and improve fine lines and wrinkles to give your skin that smooth, creamy complexion of youth. 


This line offers something for everyone and features cleansers, serums, and creams.


Neostrata offers an alpha-hydroxy acid regimen that aids in the treatment of acne along with tightening and toning your skin. 


Regenica utilizes growth factors for a softer, smoother look.



Why try to repair old skin when you can create new skin?

Scientific research shows the defensin-molecule can reprogram dormant cells in our body to generate visibly newer, healthier and truly youthful NEW SKIN.

Scientists at DefenAge implemented this revolutionary discovery in our formulas. Defensins are exclusive to DefenAge, the technology is patent-pending, and may be combined with almost any skin care regimen.

DefenAge is proven in 15 clinical studies.

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