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Body-Jet® Water-Assisted Liposuction


Why is Body-Jet the superior way to remove fat? Body-Jet Liposuction is the newest state-of-the-art liposuction technology.Tired of struggling to shed the fat? Do you want to touch up those challenging trouble spots?  Body-Jet Liposuction is the answer.  Now you can quickly transform your body using the natural flow of water, with water-jet assisted liposuction. Just as the ocean's waves sculpt the sandy beaches; the gentle power of Body-Jet will sculpt and shape your body.  Change the way you view liposuction and discover the gentle way for fat reduction, sometimes known as water lipo. Body-Jet is transforming body contouring as we know it.  Experience the alternative today. Change your shape in just a matter of hours. 

Reposition Body Fat

Sculpt Your Body AND Reposition Your Fat with the Revolutionary Body-Jet!

Liposurgery “the old way” was about removing fat to make a patient thinner. Shifting unwanted fat to another part of the body was “just a dream.”

TODAY, that dream becomes reality. With Body-Jet you receive a world class lipo-sculpting experience that is accurate and gentle, and that is just the beginning. Body-Jet’s water-assisted liposuction offers not only body contouring but the opportunity to place your own body fat where you have always wanted it! Physicians trained on the Body-Jet can gently remove your excess fat deposits & reposition the fat into your desired problem areas. Just imagine the possibilities! Minimize fine lines & wrinkles in your face, hands and beyond, without fillers. Achieve an hour-glass figure using your own fat.

Body-Jet has been making headlines across America! Now, you know why. Put your fat to work for you today!



With the advanced technology of the Body-Jet ®, the procedure preserves healthy fat cells making natural fat transfer a viable option by using unwanted fat as a natural filler. After removing fat with the Body-Jet® Water-Assisted technology, Dr. Staahl can inject it into any problem area where you desire more volume. Because the fat comes from your own body it is natural and reduces chances for complications—it a safe and efficient way to restore volume to your cheeks, lips, eyes, hands, breasts or buttocks.


Schedule a consultation and begin the journey to a new you today, the natural way.  Call today: 209 577-5700

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