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The Original “Lunchtime Lift”

Have those youthful facial expressions turned into permanent creases and wrinkles? Botox® is the answer. These creases and wrinkles in your brow and between the eyes at the bridge of the nose can be relaxed to allow your skin to be smooth again.


Botox® is also helpful with crow’s feet, lip lines, and neck bands.  Your skin will return to the smooth beautiful appearance you desire while still allowing normal facial expression to be unaffected. The effect lasts up to six months and can be repeated when needed.


Botox® is a procedure that has been safely used to treat a variety of conditions for more than ten years. It is now FDA approved for the temporary treatment of frown lines and crow's feet.


Collagen Therapy is yet another effective option as facial lines and wrinkles are caused by the wearing down of the natural collagen support layer that lies just beneath your skin.  It is a safe, non-surgical treatment that smoothes out facial lines, wrinkles, and scars by replenishing the natural collagen support layer beneath the skin. Results are seen immediately.


The Brilliant Distinctions™ Program is an exciting new program that offers a multitude of great rewards when you receive BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) treatments!








Learn more about Brilliant Distinctions™ packages. Call the office for your Brilliant Distinctions kit! 
209 577-5700

  • Earn points for BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments from MD Laser Center! 

  • Redeem coupons for a number of great rewards, including dollars off BOTOX® Cosmetic.

  • Earn a higher return per point as you accumulate more points, which means the more you participate in the program, the greater the rewards!

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