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Omnilux*Blue® & Red®

What is Omnilux*Blue?

Omnilux*Blue is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment for moderate inflammatory acne in all age groups.  Omnilux*Blue utilizes innovative Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) technology to effectively target acne-causing bacteria without thermally affecting surrounding tissues.

How does Omnilux*Blue work?

A panel of over 1,700 focused diodes are utized to insure proper power density over a uniform beam profile.  It delivers a unique 408nm wavelenge blue light that closely matches the peak absorption qualities of the targeted P.acne bacteria.  Omnilux*Blue’s pure blue light means that virtually all of the energy targets the bacteria, making it the most powerful, non-invasive tool available.

What can you expect?

A typical Omnilux*Blue treatment session takes only 20 minutes.  There may be a slight warm sensation during treatment.  Omnilux*Blue treatment is easy, painless and safe.  Omnilux*Blue can clear most moderate inflammatory acne in as little as 8 treatment sessions (twice a week for 4 weeks). 

What is Omnilux*Red?

Omnilux*Red uses pure and non-heavy red diode light to successfully treat skin suffering the negative effects of environmental conditions. Skin is stimulated so that blood circulation and oxygen intake are improved, skin is nourished, and collagen is renewed. This light therapy can even out tone and texture to revitalize the skin. It is truly age-defying!

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