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Velashape™ Cellulite & Body Contouring

The VelaShape™ , powered by elōs™ technology— the combination of radio frequency and light energies, plus tissue mobilization with gentle suction— has changed everything.  VelaShape™ is the first FDA approved medical device proven to safely and effectively recontour the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of cellulite!









How does it work? 

elōs™ is the only technology that reaches deep enough into the fat tissue to effectively improve the appearance of cellulite. The light energy pre-heats the treatment area. Simultaneously, a gentle suction aids in the deep penetration of the radio frequency energy into the fat tissue – redistributing and increasing the metabolism of the fat tissue. In addition to reducing the appearance of cellulite, and re-contouring of the skin’s cellulite, and re-contouring of the skin’s cellulite and surface, VelaShape also provides the added benefit of improved circulation, supporting overall health.


Does it hurt? 

No. Cellulite treatment with VelaShape is painless. Many patients compare treatment to a warm, relaxing massage. Treatments require no sedation, so this is a no-downtime procedure.

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